“The walls of my family home are filled with frames that hold distant memories. The images within them range from old to new and coloured to black and white. Being surrounded by these photos everyday, I have thought about how we are all a collection of moments and happenings of our lives. These photographs have the capability of capturing important moments but they also alter our memories. My work explores how family photographs can influence, change and create a person’s memory and how they can affect who we are today.

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Haley Burbine is a multidisciplinary artist based in London, Ontario. She is working primarily in printmaking, photography and painting. Her body of work revolves mainly around themes of memory, heritage, lived experiences and discovering similarities and repetitive experiences between herself and other individuals. Burbine’s recent paintings use mixed media to depict personal lived experiences shown through an old photograph. These images are then recreated and painted in colour, on glass, and placed into household frames. The backgrounds include imagery and text that creates a phantom presence to represent certain repeated experiences and tells an overall story. Each image should create a cluster of thoughts or memories that help the viewer find their own story within the works.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Printmaking & Publications
Major In progress, 2021

Printmaking Photography Painting Book Binding

2018, Drawing Across Disciplines Group Show
OCAD University Great Hall
2017, Year End Bealart Show
H.B. Beal Secondary School
2017, Scale
Satellite Studio
2017, Ink'n Form
London Public Library
2016, Year End Bealart Show
H.B. Beal Secondary School