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“What happens when Chinese calligraphy is combined with modern graphic design? My thesis project "Home Memory" offers a brief introduction to Chinese calligraphy by focusing on seven essential elements while sharing my personal stories. There are two related outputs: an accordion book and a set of animations that present the stories in the book and can be viewed using Augmented Reality(AR) technology.”

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Hi everyone, my name is Haojun. Having come to Toronto from China five years ago, I am interested in both the conflict and fusion of eastern and western cultures. In particular, I want to help the world better understand Chinese art forms, from ancient to modern. I have come to love graphic and motion design during my studies and have become good at it. I combine these techniques in my thesis to show the charm of Chinese calligraphy. You can visit this website for a detailed look at this project: https://haojunthesis.myportfolio.com/.
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Graphic Design
Minor In progress, 2021

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