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“Sarah Jefferies is a visual artist from Orangeville, Ontario. She completed her undergrad in Drawing and Painting at OCAD University in April 2020. While at OCAD U she developed a deep passion for printmaking and was able to use it to uncover the unknown world of dementia. Through her own personal experience with the disease, she was able to use printmaking to visually represent the degrading process of losing your memories and the impact it has on one's self and their loved ones. ”

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Memories. What is a memory? How long does it last? Life is made up of all these puzzle pieces that in the moment don’t make sense or fit together quite yet. As life goes on and we gain experience, knowledge, and wisdom. As we meet new people and grow, all those pieces come together. Memories are what make life worth living. People can look back and see how every single event, person, or experience has shaped them. Now imagine all the things that make you who you are, are gone. Imagine you are 80 years old but your brain is putting you back in the moment of your early thirties and you think it is time to put your kids to bed, or one day you wake up in your bed and you see the people around you saying they are your husband/ wife, daughter/ son and are trying to help dress and bathe you but you have never seen them before. This is the reality that people with Dementia face. My thesis art-work is a sculptural installation that visually articulates my relationship to dementia and my journey with experiencing firsthand a loved one that has suffered from it.
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Drawing and Painting
Major Completed, 2020

Painting and Printmaking

2020, Social Distance Gallery