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aka. cass lui, Illustration

“"Bored for Good" is a collection of illustrations circling around the concept of the positivity of boredom. By reimagining boring scenarios that many have experienced in everyday life, the illustrations reveal the positive outcomes of the negative state of mind, and how being bored can make us better people.”

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Cassandra Lui is a Chinese-Canadian illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. Her works examine the connection between people and their everyday life through themes of memory and the intricacies of how the mind processes our thoughts. Her illustrations celebrate the mundane and ordinary by adding a touch of whimsy and fantasy. She works in various mediums but primarily focuses on analog techniques such as drawing and painting. When she's not drawing, she's eating bread and finding dogs to pet.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major Completed, 2020

Illustration Painting Graphic Design Editorial Illustration Adobe Photoshop

2020, GradEx 105
OCAD University, Toronto
2018, The Portrait Show
OCAD University, Toronto
2020, American Illustration 39 Chosen
American Illustration