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aka. Sanchuan Sanchuan,

“ My work can be divided into two categories, one of which is more grey. Some experiences from my childhood have made me attracted to the grey areas of human nature, and my reading habits have given me a deeper understanding of human nature. For example, the suspense novels by authors such as Ichi Otsu, Kiyomasa Matsumoto, and Seiichi Morimura provide me with many perspectives on people, and I use them to observe myself. I am obsessed with reconstructing these observations and using them as clues in the form of stories that appear in my final work. The other genre focuses on social reality, taking an objective view of social phenomena that I can relate to. In this type of work, I expect my work to allow people to look at themselves objectively. In my opinion, only when people understand the logic of their own behavior can they break out of their inertia and try to find other possibilities. However, I want my work to be limited to the space I am in and extend to the people I cannot reach. So in the future, I hope to not just 'create in situ, but to participate in the lives of those I am interested in, or to observe them up close.”

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Educational Background:University:Royal College of ArtTime:2021- 2023 (Expected graduation time)Major:Material Art & Design(Jewelry)Degree:MasterUniversity:Ontario College of Art & Design UniversityTime:2017 -2021Major:Material Art & Design(Jewelry)Degree:BDES Material Art & DesignProfessional Experience:Work ExperienceCompany: Alchemohaus Co.Previous role:Partner, Jewelry Designer, Graphic DesignerYear: August 2019- NowEmployer name:Yue MengshiCountry employer-based in:CanadaJob title:Jewelry DesignerFull time / Part time:Part TimeCompany: Jiu Zhou Ren Art& Design Co.Previous role:AssistantYear: May 2018- Sep 2018Employer name:Chen HuaCountry employer-based in:ChinaJob title:Design AssistantFull time / Part time:Part Time
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Material Art & Design
Major In progress, 2021
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Jewelry (MA)
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