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Inclusive Design

“Inclusive design is a mindset that considers all individuals at each step of a design practice. More specifically, speaking with those who cannot access current designs and/or systems, and listening to them describing their needs and barriers. Designing with people at the margins (not the majority) increases greater inclusion.”

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JaimeHilditch (she/her)
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Jaime holds a unique blend of knowledge and experience. She addresses projects inclusively, applying her expertise in research, interview facilitation and communication design. She is most interested in designing with those working in early education. Jaime will help to deepen and strengthen the knowledge of early learners in a variety of settings including school boards, schools, early education centres, museums and galleries. Jaime will support those groups through authentic conversations and co-creation sessions.
OCAD U - Graduate Studies
Inclusive Design (MDes)
Major In progress, 2021
OCAD University
Graphic Design (BDes)
Major Completed, 2019
Kingston University London
Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media Practice
Major Completed, 2015

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