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“My thesis is a creative project that has a fine art approach that also has the possibility for commercial use. The creative pieces are each unique in terms of technique and stylistic approach and can stand on their own, appealing to the different categories of the industry such as graphic novels, album covers, posters and editorial works. The main concept is insanity/ madness as a state of mind and soul that works as a filter in the observation of reality/ everyday life. I wanted to illustrate ten different causes of madness in the form of a battle where five artworks would depict a victory and the other five would show defeat. I wanted to illustrate that certain situations push us to overcome our internal struggles whereas at other times it drives us to our insanity. My goal was to capture the different forms and shapes of the monsters of madness, their influence on us and how they affect our daily lives, relationships and perceptions we make of the world around us. I chose to divide the illustrations to show a contrast and reflect the balance of the struggles and successes in life with regards to mental health. My thesis is a reflection of the times we live in with regards to our world entering the digital era with remote learning and working in light of the pandemic and adapting to this new way of life. These are very personal works because it reflects the emotional and mental impact of the current times as well as my own personal struggle. I believe everyone can relate or find consolation in these works and the moods they evoke. My concept was developed from the ideas explored in a passage from the book "Wise Thoughts. Good Humor" written by Aleksandr Popov. It describes ten causes of madness such as love, coffee, sex, mind, sleep, alcohol, nerves, drugs, chakras and work. From my research I constructed my narrative and how I would want to represent these causes of madness.”

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I am a Russian -born artist currently based in Toronto Canada. Creating has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember so naturally as I was enrolled in an art studio at the age of seven which led to five more years at an art school and another three years at an art college in my hometown. While studying there an opportunity arose for me to study abroad and I left home to pursue my studies further. My immigration to Canada at the beginning of my adult life has greatly shaped the person I have grown into and this is reflected in my work. I had developed my own style throughout the years creating experimental pieces that were psychedelic, surreal, dream-like, vibrant and dark. Being away from home and my family strengthened the relationship I had with art and creating and pulled me through my toughest times here. In 2016 I began my studies at OCAD University and this provided me with the right path to channel my creativity in a way that was not only personal but applicable. Furthering my studies also gave me the opportunity to challenge myself as an artist to gain more skills to support my imagination and articulate my craft. My mission in life has always been to create by fully giving myself to the process to produce something that would inspire the viewer or see the world through a different lens. I believe there is always room to grow and my journey as an artist is a lifelong one, with many avenues yet to explore. Apart from my academic studies my personal hobbies also creates inspiration for my work. I believe an artist should have a broad, expansive vision of the world in order to create and appeal to others on a deeper level. I enjoy a wide variety of music, cinema, anime and literature ranging from the classics to more modern to experimental to mainstream to independent and underground. The world has an abundance of things to explore and it is this curiosity in the world that fuels me and nourishes my creativity.
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Major In progress, 2021

Interpersonal Skills Problem-solving skills Professional painting skills Knowledge of Intermediate Photoshop, and Illustrator Fine Art Character Modelling Graphic Design Initiative and willingness to work independently Illustration Creativity