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Illustration, Painting, Art

““Our world: Man-made world” relates Artificial Intelligence with animal and plants performing similar behaviours, to understand the advancements of artificial Intelligence. Moving beyond the boundaries of “traditional” defined technology, and become more of natural life rather than artificial world.”

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Melody Yuan is a Chinese-Canadian Artist whose work evolves themes like new technologies, plant/animal/human life, life, personal growth, traditional stories/myths and emotional development. Having grown up in constantly changing environments, Melody is open to constant change and exploration. Melody incorporates a vast variety of mediums and layers, having under layers show through parts to show the creation process. Melody enjoys discovering new art materials and techniques through producing work. Melody uses geometric break down of black and white shapes with to create the sense of light and form. The work usually consists of delicate, fragile and settle textures of details combined with bold, expressive and space capturing backgrounds. Melody enjoys hearing others' stories and insights to bring inspiration into her work. Art is a language, the better one masters it, the visual language can stay with people eternally. Melody's work embraces emerging new ideas from un-art related fields and make art more approachable, relatable and educational for the larger community.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major Completed, 2020

Watercolor Pen and Ink Acrylic Pencil Mixed Media Gouche Caligraphy Pen and ink