“Enthusiastic 2D animator and artist! My works are made with animation, oil painting, Acrylic painting, and various other mediums like watercolor and pencil drawings. The work I usually do is to experiment with what works and what does not. These works often are all different from each other as I try to find something comfortable to work with or try out new ideas and techniques. When I work with paintings, I like to paint landscapes. The landscapes are usually about nature, but a painting about a city in a rainy night works for me as well. My animation work usually explores motion and is influenced by tradition 2D animation and the works of Yuasa Masaaki. The ideas behind the works are usually based on what I see around me. It can be about what I consider to be a large social issue like food waste or just a exploration of color.”

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Lin, Bo is a graduate of OCAD University and an animator, based in Toronto/Mississauga, Canada — but I'll take any opportunity to travel!When I'm not practicing my craft, you'll find me on Facebook, researching online for references, or spending time with my family.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting: Digital Painting and Expanded Animation
Minor Completed, 2020