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“Tending to that which is sticky, jarring, and hidden in plain sight.”

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In his work, Max Lester addresses the systems, structures, and conditions entangled in the lives of people and objects and the alienation experienced by those living under capitalism. In considering the translation of dominant ideology as it manifests in the organization and building of physical space, Max misuses and reorganizes familiar objects and building materials in order to reorient and gain different perspectives. Incorporating experimental video and sound-making, material exploration, and the use of found images and objects, his work utilizes the layering of meaning and material in order to capture and reproduce the affectual experiences that cause ruptures in the fabric of day-to-day life. Combining a process of textual and material research with intuitive gestures, Max’s work is often provisional and propositional, allowing room for speculation.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Integrated Media
Major Completed, 2021

3D modeling Experimental printing Experimental Video-making Assemblage

2021, Inter/Ruptures
United Contemporary
2020, Modes of Inhabiting
Beaver Hall
2019, A Fault Line in Me is a Fault Line in You
Bunker 2
2020, Integrated Media Faculty Award
Integrated Media Faculty
2020, InterAccess Media Arts Award & Prize