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“Through my years of designing, I have come to grow a great understanding and appreciation for solving problems through design. I’m inspired by the way design helps society understand concepts at just one glance and the way design has benefited visual and verbal language itself. I’ve been able to develop my analytical and problem-solving skills to a point where I’m eager to tackle real problems within our society and create designs that will benefit a majority. I’ve also grown an interest in package design specifically for food-related products. I enjoy the competition and obstacles that come with designing a package that will stand out on a shelf next to its competitors and attract customers that walk through the aisles. ”

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Hello, I'm Vlada Makaranka! I'm a recent OCADU Graphic Design graduate with a strong passion for design, creative problem-solving, packaging design, and data visualization. My passions started when I was young, just goofing off on Microsoft paint and illustrating with pen and paper. After nearly two decades, I've grown a strong interest in finding problems within society/brands and solving them through visual and verbal design. My mission in life is to never stop learning and to become a valuable member of a team that can contribute to a clients success.
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Graphic Design
Major Completed, 2021

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