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“Sports competitions bring together athletes who undergo rigorous training to ensure a perfect game and win, but unforeseen external factors can interfere with plans. "New Sports" takes bizarre moments from sports history and turns brief mishaps into a new sport.”

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Tammy Chan is an illustrator based in the Greater Toronto Area and a recent graduate from OCAD University. Chan’s work draws inspirations from frequent daydreams, subtle environments, to timely images capturing nostalgia. Through her practice, she transforms her explorations and surroundings into intricate and imaginative worlds of colour. Chan's illustrations work to communicate a narrative and storytelling vision. Her preferred choice of mediums consists of a mixed media combination of gouache, pens, or crayons when not working digitally. When she’s not locked in her room doodling, she can be found chasing after her cat or brewing up a mess in the kitchen.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major Completed, 2020

Illustration Digital Illustration Editorial 2D Illustration Adobe Photoshop Book Illustration

2020, CQ60, Runner-Up
Creative Quarterly
2020, AI39, Chosen
American Illustration