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“I am a creator, artist and storyteller, here to serve. It is truly a joy to create, and I hope that my creations carry some of it over to you too.”

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Evan is a Canadian content creator brought up in Japan. He loves to explore the inner workings of creative work, it’s process, and its story. Being bilingual as well as bicultural, Evan is well-versed in bringing in new perspectives to creative projects. Even while in Canada he keeps up with both cultures, maintaining a fresh flow of ideas and new perspectives from both worlds.Although he meets the criteria of an advertising creative, Evan also carries his artistic roots with him, and has a passion for creating meaningful work that can be impactful, cohesive, as well as visually appealing.As a creative, Evan spends most of his time planning out his next story to tell, whether that be through a comic, a video, or a game. He hopes that whoever happens to come across his work would form a meaningful connection that, most importantly, brings a smile onto their face.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major Completed, 2021

Art Directing Copywriting World Building Video Editing Illustration Video Game Development Comedy Acting

2021, MAKE_! Virtual Showcase: Displacement & Belonging