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“Alternating between the secular and religious, the earthly and the divine, I aim to weave two threads through a single tapestry, a conduit to the Copt unlocking the mysteries of who they are and how they exist. My work strives to build a drive, passion, and revolution in the way Copts fundamentally see themselves. The importance of this can only really be further emphasised when one looks at a people that is growing, forming, and blossoming in a diasporic context. The nucleus of that Coptic community is their Church and tradition, so what can visual languages do to reinvigorate this nucleus? A people tormented by colonization, discrimination, taxation, and ethnic cleansing are now settling in their promised land. How will they cultivate the paradise they’ve arrived in, and how does visual art play a role in the blossoming?

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George was born in Toronto to Egyptian parents who immigrated to Canada in 1995, and currently studies Fine Arts at OCAD University. Alongside developing his drawing and painting skills, George has trained in iconography for the last eleven years under several disciples of Isaac Fanous. Within the Coptic community, George has given lectures and produced over 200 commissioned icons and numerous works for churches, chapels, monasteries, publications, exhibitions and individuals who commission him both in the US and Canada. In his studies, George explores socio-cultural dynamics within the Coptic diaspora as well as intersections of culture and faith in Coptic communities. He aims to use his fine art practice to dissect ideas of history, identity and socioreligious issues. He has worked at several institutions, museums and schools as an instructor. He sees education, especially in the arts and humanities, as an integral component for the advancement of any community.
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Drawing and Painting
Major In progress, 2021

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2021, GradEx 106
Virtual Exhibition
2020, Festival of the Body
Anniversary Gallery, OCAD University, Toronto
2018, OCAD U First Year Drawing Exhibition
Great Hall, OCAD University, Toronto
2017, Helen Eisen Scholarship