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Steven is a Designer, Explorer, and fan of any dogs who don’t bite. He is passionate about utilizing user data to re-design outdated, inaccessible systems; and learning about new business models. As someone who has studied Theatre and Music, Steven believes that Personas are one of the most valuable and under-utilized tools in a designer's arsenal. When he’s not working, you’ll find him reading, playing board games, or at the gym. Favorite podcasts include:Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman;Spotlight on the Six with Akash Pasricha;Bill Gates and Rashida Jones ask Big Questions.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Industrial Design
Major Completed, 2020
MacEwan University
Theatre Arts
Major Completed, 2012
University of Alberta
Industrial Design
Major Transferred, 2015

UX Design Human Centred Design Methodologies Service Design

2020, GradEx 105
2020, Entrepreneurship Programme
Global Gradshow
2017, Design for Social Enterprise
Me to WE
Emerging Artist Award
City of St. Albert
Martha Stanton Award
Rotary Foundation