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“Simplified illustrations and feminist illuminations that can be read as parody of religious art history. Adding dimension to the character of Mary while flattening the visual and undoing the canon of realism. I aim to re-appropriate the icon of Mary for a feminist gaze and address her forced asexuality. The context of iconic compositions is changed through the introduction of my likeness; replacing baby Jesus and Mary with an adult queer woman. Repetition of my self-portraits alludes to interest in autoeroticism and narcissism. Clowns are introduced as a vehicle for human emotion, “queer-ness” and the mental state. Humour, parody and sarcasm are important elements in the representation of self-analysis, especially in juxtaposition with themes of mental illness and death.This work includes changing the context of found images or historical narratives by replacing the subjects with Mary-Clown hybrid self-portraits.

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OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major Completed, 2020
2020, Ontario College of Art & Design University BFA Thesis Exhibition
Social Distance Gallery
2020, Festival of the Body
2020, OCAD U Drawing & Painting GradEx 105
Propeller Art Gallery
2020, Mrs. W.O. Forsyth Award
OCAD University