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“Design is the bridge between users and products. I am passionate about creating products and services that can have real meaning and emotional attachment to people. ”

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Meng Zhao is a Toronto-based designer who graduated from OCAD University’s Industrial Design program earlier this year. Her background includes an internship as a Branding and Content Strategist at the company Hedgehog Umbrella and participation in the Reversed Inclusion project (which was displayed at the DesignTO 2020 exhibition). Inspired by Don Norman’s books and theories, Meng is passionate about designing products and services that engender a real emotional connection with users. She believes this approach offers a way to maximize a product’s value and enhance the experience of potential users, especially when contrasted with designs that focus purely on the visual appeal or functionality of a product.Fun Facts About Me:1. I enjoy watching the moon from my telescope.2. I love trying different cultural cuisines and exotic foods. 3. Be able to tell the difference between tap water, bottled water, filtered water, and Fuji water.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Industrial Design
Major Completed, 2021

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2020, DesignTO Exhibition: Design for Health, Wellness, Aging and Inclusion
OCAD University, 100 McCaul Street