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“"From this racial, ideological, cultural and biological cross- pollinization, an ‘alien' consciousness is presently in the making—a new mestiza consciousness, una conciencia de mujer. It is a consciousness of the Borderlands."From Gloria Anzaldua’s ‘La Conciencia de la Mestiza: Towards a New Consciousness’, p 99.”

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Kinzi Dempsey is a travelling interdisciplinary artist and photographer based primarily out of Cairo, Egypt and Toronto, Ontario. Her dual-national identity, upbringing in international contexts, as well as a family background in experiential education and relief & development work has created a bedrock of interest in cultural narratives, liminal spaces, and hybrid identities in social contexts. Her practice right now looks to explore these ideas of her own ‘mestiza’ identity through notions of the auto-ethnographic researcher, astronaut, and archeologist: How might object methodologies, relational aesthetic practices and playful pedagogies reveal the physical and metaphysical places we occupy?At this moment in time, Covid-19 has found her in Egypt for the last year where she has been able to spend her time exploring the desert, rifling through family objects, and thinking on her sunny rooftop- all while maintaining online connections back to her friends, family & schoolmates in Toronto. Join her for her "Belraha - بالراحة" reading aloud event on Saturday, May 8 at 11:00 EST- details can be found in the Belraha Collection below.
OCAD University
Art & Social Change
Minor Completed, 2021
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Major Completed, 2021

Photography Basic Video Editing Basic Design Illustration Social/Community Facilitations

2021, "Unpacking Pandemic Pondering: Pedagogies, Promises and Production"
Gallery 1313, Toronto, ON
2018, "LIVING / ROOM" Installation with Kaylyn Hamlyn for the 2018 Sustainability Forum
OCAD University
2016, Central Creative Showcase
Central Coffee, Toronto, ON
2014, "REAKTION" for Pick a Pocket
Wildnis Cafe, Herrnhut, Germany
2013, "OBJECT" Conference Gallery
Hamburg, Germany
2021, BMO 1st! Art Competition
Nominated by OCAD U
2021, OCADU Photography Medal Winner
OCAD University
2018, Wendy Coburn Scholarship for Art and Social Change
OCAD University