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“Art + Tech = A world of imagination ”

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Lada Ciraj is a Bosnian-Canadian hybrid media illustrator and animator She has a strong passion for combining technology with art and has experience working in various mediums. Lada has created projects in 3D, 2D and has also dabbled in video editing and compositing. Combining these different mediums has helped her expand her knowledge of art and given her opportunities to intertwine them to create new and exciting concepts. Working with hybrid media, Lada is constantly evolving and trying to test barriers and striving to adapt to the new age of art within technology. She is currently interested in learning more about VR, AI and NFT’s, and how she can add her own contribution to these complex technologies. Lada is always eager to learn new things and has experience showcasing her art in different ways. Her work has been shown in exhibits, festivals, and has given her an opportunity to work for a marketing agency focusing on social media content.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting: Digital Painting and Expanded Animation
Major Completed, 2021

Illustration Concept Art Environmental Design Digital Media Compositing Hybrid-Arts

2020, GAEA - Rotojam Collective
2019, Expressive Feeling
Mississauga, ON
2019, Nostalgia
Handlebar, Toronto
2018, A Strange World
OCADU First Year Exhibit
2017, Herff Jones Award
Clarkson Secondary School