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“I am a designer, artist, and screenprinter who is constantly searching for half baked ways to get (portable) (usable) digital technology into the hands of not-so-tech creatives. I am a storyteller at heart and every single one of my skills and experiences contribute to the creation of yet another ever evolving tall tale. ”

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We now live with technology so deeply entwined in our daily lives. As people that live and function in the digital age, we have begun to use digital tools to remember for us both culturally and personally. Much of our lives are recorded on social media by our own choosing and in the commons of public space which is not explicitly opted into. These recordings are taking the place of the skill of remembering. Memory is a transformative thing that has built the world we live in. Technology, in fact, can do the same. I am interested in fostering spaces where people can tell their own stories and build their own memories into our collective technological history.
OCAD U - Graduate Studies
Digital Futures (MA, MDes and MFA)
Major Completed, 2020
Parsons School of Design
Photography (BFA)
Major Completed, 2008

Graphic Design Typography Branding Virtual Reality Photography Screenprinting