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“I’m culturally attuned and eager about transforming vision – yours or mine - into reality.”

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My name is Patrick Romain. I graduated OCAD U with a Bachelors of Art in Integrated Media. Integrated Media is a film, production and design program. The program focused on film, design, installation, animation, video, sound design. I also minored in Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship, besides taking film and design classes I was able to take several business classes throughout my four years. It allowed me to develop a great understanding about business, aspects such design and marketing. One of the most recent projects I had was in collaboration with the NHL. I worked with with the "Soul on Ice Podcast" team who had recently partnered with the NHL. I shot and edited the photography for them. That photography was then used by Sportsnet and The Globe and Mail in recent articles. Another creative project I have been working on has been the brand, ZALE Apparel. I have stepped in to work as the creative director for our collections and marketing campaigns. I have been in charge of developing and executing all of our concepts for our campaigns as well the rollouts of them. I have helped to further develop the brand with photography, marketing & clothing design. Im interested in applying my skills to improve the creative impact for companies.
Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation Minor
Minor Completed, 2021
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Integrated Media
Major Completed, 2021

Art Direction