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Drawing and Painting

“Exploring the concept of temporality. Pushing the boundaries of the archive within abstract art. Through material, colour and process, these ideas turn into works that will attempt to continuously resist the test of time and urge to keep one question in the back of the mind: Is there a purpose to creating art that lasts?”

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Chanelle Ursini is a student who, before her career at OCAD university began, attended the Universityof Toronto. During her studies at the University of Toronto, her love for abstract art was realized andonce given the opportunity, explored at OCAD university. Chanelle’s work is focussed on colour and material temporality in the context of pushing the boundaries of the archive within abstract art. She uses this idea to create large-scale paintings utilizing a wide variety of materials. Chanelle will continue to expand her collection and explore taking her abstract style into the world of tattooing upon graduating.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major In progress, 2021
University of Toronto
Major Transferred
2021, Kunstmatrix
OCAD U Digital Exhibition
2019, Stellar
The Mod Club
2019, Archiving Deconstructed Identities
Ada Slaight Gallery
2018, Celebrating First Year Drawing
Ada Slaight Gallery
2018, First Year Drawing Exhibition
OCAD U Great Hall