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Tatjana Reithofer’s practice is best thought as an exercise in building a visual and material culture for the other among others. Taking her experience from living in Mexico the majority of her life, her own ethnic lineage and various mythologies, the work she produces attempts to reconcile these aspects of her identity in order to create a culture that is uniquely her own, free of the cultural binaries we create.The result is an assimilation of various forms of craft ranging from textiles, garment-making, ceramics and pieces or patches of personal objects from the artist's childhood which are then assembled into relics or vignettes that ponder one or more aspects of her identity. Tatjana’s use of craft is meant to denote a certain independence and need to rely on her own means to answer such questions.As of recently, Tatjana’s work has been exploring the theme of diaspora from a spiritual angle, pulling from her own Christian upbringing. Just as her body of work is an attempt to build a culture of her own so too does seek to creating her own understanding of her faith.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Major Completed, 2020

Textiles Installation Ceramics Wearable Art

2020, It's Always Good to Hear From You
Beaver Hall Artists Gallery in Toronto
2019, Delivery Notice
Beaver Hall Artists Gallery in Toronto
2018, Upstart Exhibition
Super Wonder Gallery in Toronto