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aka. Romel Keith , Graphic Design

“A professional skyglancer that constantly reminding themselves to 'just put your heart and mind into it!'”

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Romel KeithAgtang
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Hi, my name is Romel Keith, an artisigner working in progress. As a practicing designer, I create to tell stories and information while through art, I explore the darkness and colourfulness of nature. Both define my purpose as a visual communicator; in order to help bring awareness, bring visual therapy, and to preserve knowledge. I ought to give my work a sense of life of their own. So that they can speak for themselves when they’re out there. I believe that constant experimentation can give as much as abstraction to ambiguity, as well as immersion to comprehensibility. No matter what you do at the moment, whether you aren’t inspired or absolutely loving it, just put your heart and mind into it!
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Graphic Design
Major Completed, 2020

Graphic Design Illustration Typography Motion Graphics UI/UX Brand & Identity Wayfinding 3D Modeling