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“By creating oil and acrylic paintings of imagined scenery, Emma Ducharme's work examines the polarity of her current academically charged artistic practice in such a busy urban center, with imagery that depicts her quiet rural homeland. These works explore Ducharme's nostalgic longing for these natural spaces amidst the chaos of our times. This investigation of the disjunction of existing between these two environments is an invitation to question how the landscape of our upbringing affects the true and perceived Self.”

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Toronto-based oil painter & assemblagist, Emma Ducharme has been a practicing artist for over six years. After moving to Toronto from Northern Ontario in 2017 to attend OCAD University, Ducharme’s work quickly began to reference this major shift in personal environment and perspective. Over the course of her undergraduate degree, Ducharme has studied a variety of artistic disciplines including but not limited to, representational and abstract painting, assemblage, textiles, sculpture, and photography. Having completed her Thesis in April, she is set to graduate from the Drawing & Painting program with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree this spring.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major Completed, 2021

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Kunstmatrix (Virtual Gallery)
2020, Reuse Depot Sustainable Art Exhibition
OCAD University
2020, Group Exhibition
Slanted Door Gallery
2019, Joint Exhibition
Jinks Art Factory
2018, Celebration of First-Year Work
OCAD University
2017, Émergence
Art Gallery of Sudbury
2016, Émergence
Art Gallery of Sudbury