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“Climate crisis is a serious problem. We are continually building and adding to the mountain of garbage based on our consumer world. I feel compelled to challenge my process of creating without adding to the waste. With recycling fabrics into paintings, the art gives a new life to someone’s old garbage. The inspiration of each piece comes from the organic movement and the art that nature has offered us and grows around us. My work was created with multiple textile layers and repetitive shapes in different sizes in order create an organic abstraction. Complementary earth tones are used to create the warm and calming elements the earth presents. Both opaque and transparent fabrics are layered to create multiple tones. The space between each piece of fabric is strategic.The repetitive sketching with machine sewing are presented as a modern use of line drawing and painting without the actual use of these traditional mediums.”

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Kathleen Rumney is a Toronto based mixed media artist whose practice focuses on found and recycled fabrics, and explores abstraction within the format of traditional painting.   Kathleen has just completed her BFA at OCAD University, Toronto, majoring in painting and drawing, with minors in printmaking, and fabrications. Combining these art practices in her studio practice has created a style of sustainable work that focuses on both the importance of how we treat our world through community outreach, and the climate crisis of our contemporary world.This creative journey has given Kathleen the passion and opportunity to work as the art director for rEcess, a program for children with physical disabilities, exploring art as a therapeutic form of treatment and expression.
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Drawing and Painting
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