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aka. _doallar, Multidisiplinary

“i'm working on a graphic novel that ties together conflict between the anti-social nature of consuming youtube, and being a watcher and feeling like social media fufills socialization requirements. my character Nox, named after nitrogen oxide works through their thoughts while considering climate change and learns how to feel again through garden work. the novel came together during thesis but the book is in a further editing stage currently before being released.”

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dom is a multidisciplinary artist who graduated in 2020. they works in paint, sculpture, installation, video, vr, game-making, and digital image making. the themes they works with mental health and incorporates queer identity into their work. dom's practice moves between mediums as they aims to stay balanced between the calm of working with hands and the zombie-like process of making digital work. their storytelling is often multi-layered and abstracted as they try to consider their own changing perspectives on topics they work through. Dom doesn’t take themselves too seriously and enjoys taking artistic risks, as well as sharing the process on social media.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Integrated Media
Major Completed, 2020

Illustration Painting Video making VR Drawing