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“I create intuitive, material-based paintings as my way of making sense of the world around me and as a reaction to the uncertainty of life. I utilize the unpredictable nature of paint, while still maintaining a degree of control over it, and this tension between the known and unknown is the driving force behind what I create. I see painting as my way of working through the past while also accepting the future, and creating a personal record of my own experiences. My work seeks to find a balance between unconscious and irrational and conscious and deliberate, while my process involves learning and knowing, intent and accident, personal experience and trial and error all informing and influencing the next. ”

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Claudia Menecola is a Toronto-based abstract artist and a recent OCAD University graduate in the Drawing and Painting program. She is a full-time practicing artist that has had her work exhibited in both private and public settings, most recently Art Mûr’s ‘Fresh Paint/New Construction’ show in July of 2020 in Montreal. Her work focuses on responding to life’s uncertainty, mainly through the use of paint.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major Completed, 2020
Humber College
Visual and Digital Arts
Major Completed, 2016


2020, ‘Art Prom’ GradEx Fundraiser
OCAD University Great Hall
2020, Creating Inclusive Spaces
Mackenzie Investments, Toronto
2020, Fresh Paint/New Construction
Art Mûr, Montreal
2020, BFA Thesis Exhibition
Online Exhibition - Social Distance Gallery
2020, Class of 2020 Drawing and Painting Show
Propellor Art Gallery, Toronto
2019, Reuse/Refuse
OCAD University Ada Slaight Student Hub
2019, Thesis in Progress’ Open House
OCAD University, Toronto
2016, ‘The Merger’ Visual and Digital Arts Graduate Exhibition
Humber College L Space Gallery, Toronto
2016, ‘This is Not an Expo’ Visual and Digital Arts Juried Show
Twist Gallery, Toronto
2014, ‘Quartered’ First Year Visual and Digital Arts Juried Show
Guelph-Humber Art Gallery, Toronto
2016, Jamie Simmons Memorial Award
Humber College Visual and Digital Arts