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Industrial Design

“In this project, I explore a future where death isn’t the end; where our contributions to the internet stand as vivid representations of us for generations to come, and the internet is used to connect people not only over space, but over time.Otherland.io is a platform which conglomerates one’s data across platforms and imprints it into a hashed token, rendering it immutable and regenerative. This data can then be brought to life through an open-source experience library at https://www.otherland.io/.The lasting effect is that people are empowered to make decisions for their future, beyond this life.”

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Aryeh is a product designer, researcher and writer who promises to use his design powers for good and not evil. His work tackles large and systemic issues with a detailed and data-driven design approach. Aryeh's primary focuses are on data as a material, tech ethics and future mediums of interaction.
Design Apprenticeship
Minor In progress, 2021

UX/UI Design Strategic Foresight Design Research Conversation Design Management Consulting Copywriting

2021, Rocket Nominee