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aka. Sia Zhang, Jewellery

“My collection explores the relationship between plants and the seven deadly sins, by making jewellery that uses the plants as the metaphor for the seven deadly sins. From my perspective, the plants are the same as the people who are struggling in a complex society; people may develop negative human traits in the process of living, growing and surviving. The plants’ secrets and intelligence are often ignored, but they are the mirrors that reflect negative human nature in their own way. My collection allows everyone to communicate with sins and plants by their own body. The discomfort feeling while wearing these works is an important aspect of this collection, so showing my design interacting with different body parts is the best way to present my concept and works”

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Sia Zhang is a Jewellery designer who focuses on designing the Jewellery with illustration-like forms and exploring the variety of patterns to show the infinite potential of Jewellery on the body, hope to let the audience experience the strong sense of fusion between body and Jewellery. Sia Zhang’s Jewellery magnifies the details and sense perception in our world and expresses them from her individual point of view. Sia’s Jewellery describes a vital world that encourages everyone to touch and feel the reflection from the Jewellery. These are also the ones Sia want to pursue in the future.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Material Art & Design
Major Completed, 2021

Jewellery Drawing Accessories Design Wax shaping and casting