“Hello there! I am a 2D animator and storyboard artist. I love to work with multimedia and the colour red.”

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Janel Bucknor is a Jamaican-Canadian, Vancouver-based artist who focuses on 2D animation and character design. The medium she primarily explores is digital art, but she also loves experimenting with different techniques and mediums. Some of her work features scanned paper transformed into 2D digital puppets, augmented reality, and textured digital art. Concept wise, Janel focuses on presentations of consumer habits in social media, race and racism, the environment, and unique human habits. Janel’s animations are usually silent and lack dialogue and reflect an inspiration of works like Samurai Jack, and Tom and Jerry that rely on visual meaning-making, hints, and actions instead of centering verbal communication. Janel relies on colour, exaggerated backgrounds, or a lack of background to center and bring attention to the character. Janel’s works have been shown at Trinity Square Video and Loop Gallery. Her video Hair which explored how society scrutinizes afro hair was featured during Video Fever. She along with another artist create a banner to illustrate the disconnect between society and water for the Water Advisory Exhibition at Loop Gallery. She also has experience in graphic and website design, inclusive of developing images, logos, pamphlets, and icons.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Integrated Media: Digital Painting and Expanded Animation
Major In progress, 2021

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Animate Adobe After Effects Character Design & Animation