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aka. Katerinadraws, Illustration

“I am an illustrator and explorer of how interacts with and changes the world. I make pictures as witness to and part of the magnificent boredom, the confusing contentment. I use vibrant memorable colour, movement of line and shape to evoke humour, playfulness, warmth, frustration, futility, absurdity, and love- yet I don’t believe in absolutes. I believe in the nuance and the indecipherable nature of the grey area and I am not bothered by this. I believe in simultaneous contradictions. We tell stories to try to sort out the mess, to decipher the undecipherable and it's wholly beautiful. ”

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How we tell stories about experience is what fascinates me as an artist. I am captivated by those everyday passing moments, why something commonplace will catch your eye and feel familiar and significant, those moments where you feel an emotional charge outside and beyond your own experience. The absurd, the dull, the mundane and how human beings desperately try to impose order on a world in which its wildness resists and suffers under these inflictions, and the brief moments caught in the glimmers of light, sometimes dancing on the wall when refracting off the window glass; Those subtle undertones of human interactions. I decided to study illustration at nearly 30 years old. I have always been a 'fly by the seat of my pants' kind of person and have been working odd jobs mostly too boring to mention throughout my twenties. In one of my more interesting endeavours I landed a job as an ESL teacher in Beijing China working with pretty cool kids. I would draw silly characters or anthropomorphized fruits or cartoons of the students or whatever on the chalkboard and it made them laugh and helped them understand more too. It was a way I could break things down and I began to rely on my silly pictures as an educational tool. I had always wanted to be an artist, and I was one of those kids who was always daydreaming and doodling, but years of self doubt and discouragement stopped me in my tracks. Meanwhile far from home, I was rediscovering my love of drawing and sharing it with a room full of awesome kids. That experience combined with meeting a really supportive community of expat artists there made me think, life is short, why can't I study the thing I have always loved? I decided to pursue my studies at OCAD where I completed my degree in Illustration and Design in 2019.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major Completed, 2019
Riverside Secondary
General Studies
Major Completed, 2005


2019, "Homework"
Artscape Youngplace Toronto
2019, GradEx 104
OCAD University, Toronto Ontario
2018, “Dirty Talk”
Kensington Hall - Toronto Ontario
2017, “Carded!” - Hot Art Wet City
Vancouver BC
2020, American Illustration 39 Award: The Archive Collection
American Illustration