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Design for Health (MDes)



Design for Health

“I'm passionate about exploring how visual communication can reframe social and healthcare challenges to shape a better, more inclusive world. During my time at OCAD, I focused on understanding healthy aging to improve care experiences for older adults and their communities. I'm excited to find innovative ways to apply design thinking and empathy to address complex health challenges throughout society. ”

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I'm a multi-disciplinary designer with 10+ years of experience working in government, non-profit and research organizations. My areas of expertise include graphic design, experiential design, design thinking, user research and communication. When it comes to design, I’m equal parts strategy and execution. I seek meaning through understanding people's perspectives and lived experiences, including their hopes and challenges, and using acquired knowledge to design solutions that can create positive impact in their lives.
OCAD U - Graduate Studies
Design for Health (MDes)
Major Completed, 2020
University of Alberta
Bachelor of Design
Major Completed, 2011

Visual communication Knowledge mobilization User research Design thinking

2018, OCAD U Dean's Scholarship
2018, AGE-WELL & OCAD Scholarship