Criticism and Curation

“My curatorial practice centres around themes of self-making, knowledge sharing and communication within textiles. Most recently during my undergraduate thesis, I focused on the language and processes within textiles through feminist and gender theories of undoing and unbecoming. My personal, craft-base practice is mainly orientated around sustainability and is heavily influenced by the growing DIY-culture. As a result, I am well acquainted with a variety of textiles methods such as crocheting, knitting, weaving, spinning, felting, embroidery, sewing and papermaking. In my practice, traditional research and hands-on learning work in tandem to create a richer personal understanding.”

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OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Minor Completed, 2020
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Criticism and Curatorial Practice
Major Completed, 2020

Textiles Sculpture Craft Practices Criticism Queer Theory Feminist Theory Accessibility

2019, Express Your Identity installation by the OCADU Exhibition Design
Royal Ontario Museum
2018, Consciousness: The Embodied Space of Isolation
Ada Slaight Gallery