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“Through personal and nostalgic illustrations, “Right Here Waiting” compares and contrasts traditional and modern cultures of my hometown, Hangzhou.”

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Mingjun Guo is recent graduate with an illustration major at OCAD University. With an on-going learning process, her work explores a variety of media, such as water-colour, acrylic, gouache, and more. Mingjun Guo's work generally speaks the relationship between nature and human in a philosophical perspective. Nature not only brings human resources but also teaches them life lessons. Personally, Mingjun believes every plant has its own spirituality and resembles a person's life. The life of a plant starts from seeding, sprouting, blooming, to eventually bearing fruit... Nature has granted a plant a meaningful life through this entire process. Likewise, human kind are meant to have a similar purpose. In its simplest form, nature nourishes and teaches people to live an abundant life, with the ultimate goal to bear fruit.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major Completed, 2021
2021, GradEx106
OCAD University
2019, Finalist
Chinese-Korean International Youth Art Exhibition