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“Typically, books made from fabric are intended for infants, as a safe space to learn to read. However, my books are made for lovers, survivors, artists, her, him, them and me. The primary focus of my research is investigating and exploring the aesthetics of “Sloppy Craft” and textile-based publications. The publications examine power dynamics in female- and male-identifying relationships. In the secondary area of my research, I explore mental illness and trauma-based memories. The final collection of books borrows visual language from sketchbooks and journal entries. The books have an unfinished quality to help visually demonstrate the worsening of mental health. These books are intended to be interacted with in a gallery setting as they are created in relation to the scale of the body and how the body may interact with the books. The form, appearance and tactility of the books is a connection to the physical worsening of depression and distress through deconstructive elements such as fraying and ripping. My project invites open dialogue on mental health issues, but primarily anxiety and heartbreak. ”

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Olivia MaeSinclair
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Olivia Mae Sinclair is a Sheridan Textiles Graduate, OCADU MFA Candidate, research and teaching assistant. She is addicted to infatuation, Sloppy Craft and Redbull. She is a maker of books, love and other grotesque things.
OCAD U - Graduate Studies
Interdisciplinary Master's in Art, Media and Design (MA, MDes and MFA)
Major In progress, 2021
Sheridan College
Honours BA Craft and Design specializing in Textiles
Major Completed, 2019

Textiles Book Arts Screen Printing

2021, Hard To Love
DesignTO (Online)
2021, Soft, Sloppy, Stories
REMOTE Gallery, Toronto
2020, Toronto Outdoor Art Fair
Toronto, ON
2019, Make/Ready
Sheridan College
2019, By A Thread
Textile Museum of Canada
2021, OCAD U Graduate Student Project Grant
OCAD University
2019, Dean’s Scholarship
OCAD University
2019, Best Student Honourable Mention Award
Toronto Outdoor Art Fair
2019, Graduate Exhibition - Honourable Mention Award
Sheridan College
2019, Screentec Award
Sheridan College
2019, Peters Valley Scholarship
Sheridan College