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“Maximillian's work centres around the idea of how spaces can hold memory, and he strives to redefine these spaces and create uncanny, subtle changes to suggest the evolution of the memory process over time. Using prints and cyanotypes on textile, these act as a means of archiving. Maximillian plays with the idea of creating new spaces that can suggest and induce new memories within the viewer, while simultaneously tricking the eye into being unconscious of the photos' alterations. His work also wishes to bridge the gaps between film photography and the analog process with textiles and wearable art.

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A graduate of OCAD University, Maximillian's practice encompasses a combination of analog and digital photography techniques, textiles, and historical process photography.A current resident of Toronto, Maximillian has collaborated with local musicians, brands and businesses to help see through a combination of their artistic visions, as well as continuing to develop his practice. Go to the 'works' page to view a collection of some of my current untitled works, or visit my website for a larger cross section of my practise. Do not be afraid to contact with interest.
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Drawing and Painting
Major Completed, 2020

Photography and Textiles

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