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““COVID-19: An Alternate Way of Life”, which features a reimagined world that we live in if COVID-19 pandemic was to continue into the not so distant future. A series of fun and somewhat ridiculous depiction and ideas of the ways we keep the COVID virus at bay while living out our everyday lives. These solutions will be demonstrated with imaginative innovation, mostly on how we can proceed with human interaction and communication with emotional depth and intimacy without the need of being physically in-proximity with others. Ultimately to show how mankind as a species would adapt to current pandemic problems, and find solutions to overcome hurdles with unique solutions to secure a better and safer future.”

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I am an illustrator based in Toronto, ON, Canada and currently working in digital art and computer graphics.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major Completed, 2021

Photoshop CAD/Fusion 360 Blender ZBrush Clip Studio Paint/RETAS HD MS Office PyTorch