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Environmental Design

“Design should be thoughtfully expressed while creating a quality-filled human experience to ultimately arrive at a union between beauty and functionality. I am driven to create buildings and spaces that embody genuine and lasting value, and embrace each project as an opportunity to intimately visualize the built world in my own way. In my work, sustainability is highly prioritized, and history, culture and nature are fascinating elements that I often look to for inspiration. I believe it is an absolute necessity to enjoy the spaces we occupy without sacrificing our planets wellbeing, and it is imagination, determination and commitment that gives me the privilege of being a part of creating the world we want to live in. ”

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Tarryn has come from a small African island to chase her passion for design and live her dream of life in the big city. Her journey to becoming a designer started in 2015, at a small institute on the island, and today she holds a degree in Environmental Design from OCAD University. She continues to enjoy her post-student life living and working in one of the most diverse cities in the world, which has opened her eyes and imagination to more than she could have expected 4 years ago. In her spare time, Tarryn enjoys crafting, painting, reading and spontaneous walks around the city, during which she is entranced by the human-environment relationship.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Environmental Design
Major Completed, 2021
Rhodec International
Interior Design
Major Transferred, 2017

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