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Figurative Drawing and Painting

“I am constantly painting over old and new works of mine, never fully satisfied, never able to truly decide on a final form. This process reflects my stream of consciousness, the continuous flow of thoughts, opinions, and emotions running through my mind. Within the context of my thesis work, I speak about my ambivalence towards the desire to be seen as beautiful and to fit into a mould versus not wanting to conform to oppressive and narrow standards of beauty. By painting self-portraits and using pentimento, I want to express my indecisiveness; do I want to conform to standards of beauty, or do I want nonconformity? Just like the final form of my work, I may never know the answer.

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Anna Min is a figurative and portrait painter based in Toronto. Her work is a depiction of her stream of consciousness in the form of painting and mixed media, and a portrayal of her constantly changing thoughts and emotions shown through her use of pentimento and layering.
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Drawing and Painting
Major Completed, 2020

Figurative and Portrait Painting Figurative and Portrait Drawing

2020, ART PROM
OCADU, Toronto
2020, Festival of the Body
OCADU, Toronto
2018, Group Exhibition
Artusiasm Gallery, Toronto
2018, Conquering Me
OCADU, Toronto
2016, Juried Celebration of First Year
OCADU, Toronto
2020, The Eric Freifeld Award