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“My thesis "Handle with Care" is a research creation project exploring practices of embodied kin making during a time of isolation. My research is grounded in feminist sciences, decolonial theory, and queer theories which inspire modes of expanded community making. The curatorial component of this research project is inspired by the fungal body of mycelium which grows underneath a forest floor and connects tree roots to each other, allowing the forest to speak, transport nutrients, and collaborate together. Through collaborative mailed collage, the participants in the project create a lively network of interconnectivity.”

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Ada Bierling is an artist-curator living as an uninvited guest on the Haldimand Tract, land promised to Haudenosaunee of the Six Nations in the Haldimand Proclamation, and the traditional territory of the Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabe, and Neutral peoples (Cambridge ON). They are interested in community-based curating, interspecies relations, embodied knowledge, and queer theories.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Criticism and Curatorial Practice
Major Completed, 2021
OCAD U - Faculty of Arts & Science
Gender and Sexuality Studies
Minor Completed, 2021
2021, OCAD U 2021 Medal Winner for Criticism & Curatorial Practice