Installation & Digital Media

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Nataly Kais is an interdisciplinary artist interested in Sustainability, Mindfulness andHuman connection. Her recent exhibitions include a group exhibitioncalled Perspectives that showcased the work of international students at OCAD U. Shewas a part of another group exhibition called Talking Wellness, which showcased atseveral different locations including, the learning zone at OCAD U, OISE (OntarioInstitute for Studies in Education) and FCDC (Faculty & Curriculum DevelopmentCentre). She has gained a profound interest in science and has studied Anatomy,Psychology, Science of Color, Cognitive Sciences & Understanding Climate Change.Her current interests focus on creating interactive installations and further developingher painting practice.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting: Digital Painting and Expanded Animation
Minor Completed, 2020

Illustration Drawing & Painting sculpture Installation Digital Media Anatomy Story Boarding Animation

2018, Talking Wellness
Learning zone
2018, Talking Wellness
Faculty & Curriculum Development Centre
2018, Talking Wellness
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
2018, Willows for Wellness
49 McCaul
2017, Perspectives
Learning zone at OCAD University