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I think of myself as a person who feels in italics and thinks in CAPITALS. In other words, I am a passionate creative who is committed to creating designs that evoke change and enrich consumer-based relationships. I am not afraid to push creative limits in order to create impact and lasting impressions. I am an aspiring art director with a passion for discovery and a love for creative problem solving. As a recent OCAD University graduate with a minor in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, I find myself drawn to embracing new opportunities while placing high value on my creative process that is both research-driven, strategic and collaborative. Besides my passion for design, I am also an avid baker who is obsessed with making the desserts I eat just as beautiful as the designs I create.
OCAD University
Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Minor Completed, 2020
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major Completed, 2020

Advertising Design