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Joshi Raulgaonkar


“Late to the Party looks at the histories behind commercialized Western trends that are rooted in minority cultures to depict the immense amount of commodification that happens at the expense and erasure of systematically marginalized communities. ”

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RadhaJoshi Raulgaonkar
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Radha Joshi Raulgaonkar is a Toronto based illustrator, writer and mango enthusiast. She works predominantly in procreate, collage, gouache and whatever is suiting her fancy that day. Her work is a reflection of how she has experienced world, displaying a variety of stories ranging from mental health to everyday observational humour. when she isn't laughing at the absurdity of life, she is cooking, learning and decolonizing the small world around her.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major Completed, 2021

Illustration Children's Illustration Mural Design Graphic Design Painting Comic Design

2021, Gradex 106
Toronto, ON