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Oleg was born under the bright sun and heavy crisis in a “nation with 10,000 nukes and no money”. He moved to Canada during high school and later on got accepted to OCAD U in Toronto for Industrial Design. During his studies he developed even stronger passion for design, especially for the digital and physical Product Design and User Experience. To every project, Oleg brings critical thinking, innovative ideas, quick extraction and many other skills for which you need to subscribe. Outside of school he was able to test and develop his skills in the professional world. In each project, Oleg makes a client and user at hand his priority and ables to deliver the product through understanding of emotional, subconscious and physical needs.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Industrial Design
Major Completed, 2021

Product Design UX Design System Thinking Research Foresight Automotive Industry

2021, Oleg Gorlenko