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“Hanting Wang is a dependent designer, also an entrepreneur of Portfolio Education Group Corp., which aims to help young students who are interested in art and design major and need to prepare their portfolio works. She is a bilingual designer, can speak Mandarine and English.Hanting Wang born in Shanghai, and now live in Toronto Canada. The diversity of culture background and education experience build up her open mind and global perspective. She started her career as a designer and art educator in her sophomore year. As a commercial designer, helping clients solve problems is her top priority. As an art educator, it is her responsibility to inspire young children's enthusiasm for art and design, and to lay a foundation for their university study and future career development. Finally, as an entrepreneur, she has a better understanding of the art market and business operation through her entrepreneurial experience.She loves painting, dancing, and singing.”

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Education :Study in Fabric Design, Donghua University, Shanghai, Shanghai (September 2015 — June 2016)Bachelor of Design, OCAD University, Toronto (September 2016 — April 2021)Employment History:Dresser at 2015 SS Shanghai Fashion Week, Shanghai (work for Akclub) (October 2015 — October 2015)Dresser/Casting Helper/Clothing Manager at 2016 AW Shanghai Fashion Week, Shanghai (April 2016 — April 2016)Graphic Designer at Joynet Realty, Toronto (March 2017 — December 2017)Co-founder/Manager/Teacher at The Portfolio Education Group Corp.(PEG), Toronto (September 2018 — Present)
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Graphic Design
Major Completed, 2021
Minor Completed, 2020
2021, Gradex 106
2021, shortlisted for final judging
reddot award