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“My artistic practice challenges and reclaims stereotypes of Chinese female sexuality by investigating a visual fetishism fuelled by the gaze. This is supplemented by personal research into diasporic culture. Oil paintings and food-based sculpture - stand-in's for bodies, rooted in identity, and the sentimental - help redefine visions of postcolonialism, through the confrontation of victimization with an unwavering stare, defiant and unafraid. ”

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Claire Heidinger is a Toronto-based visual artist with a BFA from OCAD University, specializing in Drawing and Painting, and Art History. Investigating a visual fetishism created by the gaze, she creates large-scale oil paintings and experiments with food produce in expanded painting. Claire’s practice is dependent on heavy research, motivated by diasporic sentimentality, identity, and accessibility. Currently investigating cross-cultural trade between East and West, the historical transposition of media in ceramics and painting, inspiring Claire to bring forth a contemporary practice that depicts characters in reflection of western iconography in order to regain the sovereignty of the gaze. ---For more of her work, visit Claire Heidinger at www.claireheidinger.com and @notyourclaire on Instagram.---Visit the Virtual Gallery here: https://artspaces.kunstmatrix.com/en/exhibition/5543348/common-collective-claire-heidinger-natia-lemay
OCAD U - Faculty of Arts & Science
Visual and Critical Studies
Minor Completed, 2021
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major Completed, 2021

Drawing and Painting Sculpture History Portraiture

2021, GradEx Virtual Gallery
2020, Quarantine Qapsule: Archiving Asian Canadian Stories
Myseum of Toronto, Digital
2020, Art in the time of Coronavirus
2019, TINT - Common Collective Exhibition
Grand Canyon Theatre, Toronto, Canada
2019, Tint Highlight Show
Ada Slaight Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2019, Moon Landing Festival
Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, Canada
2019, Scusa?: Open Studio
Florence, Italy
2018, Look Inside Open House
OCAD University, Toronto, Canada
2018, CPAMO - Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement
Ada Slaight Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2020, Joseph Muscat Scholarship
OCAD University
2019, Sandy McQueen Memorial Scholarship
OCAD University
2017, Wallace Joyce Scholarship
Varley Art Gallery
2017, Delaney Undergraduate Scholarship
OCAD University