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“i am interested in the intersections of art and poetry, and after many years of practicing as a poet-for-hire i have come to understand ‘poet’ as a verb; an action word. i have become fascinated by the instant of creativity, of witnessing and discovering and the ways it is performed. i look for ways for my writing to join my visual expressions, making my language meet my materiality thru artworks. in my installations, i work with analog or obsolete technologies, these interventions are site-specific. often working with the temporal; happenstance is a part of interactions with my pieces.i rarely exhibit in galleries, instead i choose outdoor or fluid environments to participate in. my work understands poetry in an encounter. it wants a full-engagement; an acknowledgement of this crossroad of time and space. by recognizing and including the spontaneity of process, my work is a reminder for everyone to poet, to remember that we are a series of moments in passing.my work often explores themes of loss and kinship.”

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b. 1994 benetti grew up in Nova Scotia, to artists and musicians. When she was nine, her mother began Thrown Together Pottery in Truro which exposed her to creative entrepreneurship. She has attended York and OCAD Universities for visual art, where she has focused on printmaking, installation, artist books, photography and text-based works in her practice. She has worked in horticulture, libraries, sculpture and printmaking studios as well as being a freelance artist, book binder and poet-for-hire in New Orleans, Montreal, Halifax, Tkaronto/Toronto (and countless street-corners in-between). Her writing has mostly been published under the pseudonym: pseudonym, and had a brief stint as part of 'The Spontaneous Prose Store' and has been featured on CBC News as well as in The Link Newspaper. In 2020 she completed a BFA in Tkaronto/Toronto, ON, in the Cross-Disciplinary: Publications Program at OCADU. She is still patiently waiting on the piece of paper to prove it, which is a testament to the abstract nature of studying art in such an institution.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Cross-Disciplinary Art: Publications
Major Completed, 2020
York University
BFA Studio Arts: Printmaking
Major Transferred

book binding, letterpress, analog experimental photography, experimental poetry

2020, "Fire Wind & Earth" (group show)
Truro, NS
2020, 4x4x4 (group show- collaboration with my mother & Nova Scotia Potters Guild)
Truro, NS
2018, "Summer Group Show" at The Secret Handshake
Toronto ON
2017, "Night of Poetry in a Pottery House" at Thrown Together Pottery
Truro, NS
2016, "Language is Clumsier in my Hands than Art" with Madeleine Gendreau
Montreal QC
2015, "Abandonment" Group Show
Toronto ON
2015, "Inside and Out" with Foot-to-Face
Toronto ON
2015, "Luculence" Group Show
Toronto ON
2014, "Salon of Inclusiveness" at Black Cat Gallery
Toronto ON
2012, CEC Senior Art Exhibition
Truro, NS
2012, Degarthe Art Awards Exhibition"
Halifax NS
2019, Barford Family Bursary
Barford Family
2019, Career Launcher Fund
2015, Renewable Entrance Scholarship
York U
2012, Kathy Fox Bursary
2012, Theresa Marshall Art Award