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“The ever-growing fast-paced day to day activity of urban living contributes to higher rates of stress. Using an iterative design methodology, I designed Retreet, a platform dedicated to Toronto users that offers city like trails as a way to connect with nature, manage everyday stress, and add to the narrative of the city. Built using Squarespace, this platform offers multiple city trails that run from Southern Etobicoke to East York. The trails consist of amenities like restaurants and coffee shops and are made up of parks, gardens, and waterfront locations. This concept is heavily inspired by Japanese Tree Therapy and attention restoration theory. Retreet was created with the intention to offer individuals living in the city, the opportunity to get to know the city on a new level and add to the existing narrative of the community. Through engaging in the livelihood of the local neighbourhoods and also interacting with nature, individuals who experience the curated walks are able to gain the replenishing benefits from being in nature while also contributing to the dynamic of others. To exist in the city is to coexist with neighbourhoods outside of your own. Many of the Toronto parks are by these neighbourhoods which led me to connect the two. Often, when we think of curated walks in cities or going for walks in nature, you usually think of walking through urban spaces or walking through a forest on a hiking trail. By connecting the two elements of urban spaces and nature, Torontonians are provided with a conceptual experience that they can follow as a guide or customize to fit their own needs. ”

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I am a multi-disciplinary designer who is idea-driven, thrives throughout the collaborative design process, with advanced interpersonal skills. I have contributed to the conceptualization, research, and design of a variety of projects and thoroughly enjoy solving complex user scenarios while being best known for creating beautiful, aesthetically pleasing UI work.
OCAD U - Faculty of Arts & Science
Digital Futures
Major Completed, 2020
George Brown College
Interaction Design and Development
Major Completed, 2018

User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Product Design, Interactive Design