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Ani Armani


“I take regular and non-regular painting materials and intend to use them in a different way. I use multiple materials and textures with intention to trigger the viewers sense, and possibly bring life into my sculptural paintings. I pay attention to the forms I create and force myself to not only push the boundaries of the painting, but to push my boundaries of what I’m used to doing. The way we design a space, sets a mood. I hope that my work can create a mood or environment that leaves the viewer inspired and with an urge to explore.”

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Ani ArmaniYaghubian
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Ani Armani Yaghubian is a Toronto-based artist from Raleigh, North Carolina. She completedher BFA at OCAD University in 2020. She is currently doing her Masters in Arts and Culture Management at Rome Business School. She is heavily influenced by texture, patterns and the environment. Ani uses a variety of materials, which range from; regular and non-regular painting and sculpture materials, to compose forms that demonstrate the boundaries of in and out, the push and pull.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major Completed, 2020
2020, Virtual Exhibition
Propeller Gallery
2020, Brosche Bridal Opening Reception
Queen Street, Toronto
2020, "Vor Kunst"
Van Der Plas Gallery in New York, New York
2020, Social Distance Gallery
2019, Opening Reception
Ada Slaight Gallery, OCAD University
2018, "Experiencing Perspectives"
Mercedes Benz Financial Services
2018, Solo Show
Freedom Factory
2014, Group Show
Holy Trinity Apostolic Church
2013, 35th Anual Jury Show
Richmond Hill Group of Artists at Mill Pond Gallery
2012, Group Show
Richmond Hill Group of Artists
2008, Racial Discrimination Poster Contest Winner
York Regional Police